Refers to the comparison between balls in baseball and softball. — Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times, 28 March 2010. [75], "Lotte Ulbricht replied that Madame Yang was way off base. "Sony still makes competent products but they're all just boring ground balls." — Reed Abelson, The New York Times, 27 July 2004.[6]. Find another word for hat. "A passion for statistics is the earmark of a literate people." See 2 authoritative translations of Cachucha in English with phrases and audio pronunciations. Both of these uses derive from the situation of a runner being away from a base and thus in a position to being put out (1872). And with all of that comes its own language, its own grand and goofy glossary of phrases that, for the unindoctrinated, might sound like total gibberish. An article titled "Hatteras Plans Switch-Hitting Ethernet" discusses a network switch that can operate either on fiber optic or copper wiring.[118]. a hat.Do you know where my cap is? Meaning of baseball cap. A kiss might be first base in a romantic relationship. At the highest level; used as a noun ("He is a big hitter"). Possibly derived from the poem Casey at the Bat, which features the verse, "And Blake, the much despis-ed, tore the cover off the ball". The term may also be used by other groups, such as stock market traders. Also oh-fer. [86] AHDI dates this usage to the late 19th century. How dull and mediocre. We've continued to hit the curveball'". [44], "Opinions were varied and passionate, but there was no sniping, no partisan grandstanding." The meaning of "out of the ball park" is to hit a home run; its non-baseball equivalent is to do something well or exactly as it should be done. The term was coined by San Diego Padres player Carmelo Martínez in the 1980s and first appeared in print when Leon Durham was quoted as using it in 1984.. [54], A complete success (opposite of strike out); often used in the verb phrase "hit a home run". — CNN Money, 5 January 2011. — Time, 8 June 1959[19], Someone who comes in to solve a problem or lead a team. Find another word for hat. – Meredith Vieira, quoted by Jeff Chu, Time, 27 August 2006. [81], headline: "For RNA polymerase, it's one base at a time". Just stop it. Aside from baseball, the term now refers to a situation which may or may not end badly for the protagonist but from which they emerge as an obvious winner. / Glossary of Baseball Lingo, Slang & Terms. In baseball, a batter hopes to reach first base and then continue around second and third bases before reaching home and scoring a run. Of unknown etymology; CDS cites its first use c. 1887 as baseball slang; OED states such cramps occur "especially in baseball players" and cites this usage to 1888. A ticket given to a spectator at an outdoor event providing for admission at a later date (in lieu of a refund of entrance money), should the event be interrupted by rain; an assurance of a deferred extension of an offer, especially an assurance that a customer can take advantage of a sale later if the item or service offered is not available (as by being sold out); or a (sometimes vague) promise to accept a social offer at an unnamed later date. [22], Referring to President George W. Bush: "There is a reason he is the current president and it is not just because of his Daddy or money — I think he makes a pretty solid cleanup hitter for the Republican Party and brought home the points made during the previous 4 days of the convention". [28], "Because of my personal story, I'm very interested in illness. (See Baseball metaphors for sex.) Dave King, Andy Crawford, Steve Gorton/ Dorling Kindersley/GettyImages. - Marijuana caballo (spanish) - Heroin cabbage head - An individual who will use or experiment with any kind of drug cabello (spanish) - Cocaine caca - Heroin cactus - Mescaline cactus buttons - Mescaline cactus head - Mescaline cad/cadillac - 1 ounce cadillac - Cocaine; PCP A line marking a very poor performance or the threshold for barely competent performance, referring to the Mendoza line of a .200 batting average in baseball. ", "I've swung and missed a lot in my hunt for vintage Levis". SLAP definition. To try for a substantial gain; to make a big score. This does not mean that the game starts over from the first inning; it only means that neither team is ahead, and the game continues. [128], "Yahoo and MSN each whiffed on six questions. Getting an appointment with a potential customer might be first base in a business transaction or negotiation. OED's first non-baseball cite is 1949. In general usage, the word "whiff" may refer to the movement or sound of air or wind, perhaps as an object moves through it. We are constantly updating our database with new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. Fall Classic: Term used to describe the World Series. Sort By Section Sort By Alphabetical In baseball a relief pitcher comes in as a replacement for the starting pitcher or another relief pitcher. To attack an opponent by aiming at their head. "11:55 AM: Kerry stumbled over the question of whether God is on America's side. But where his roots are planted is also nowhere near the progressive pendulum, particularly on domestic issues. — Milt Freudenheim, The New York Times, 10 January 2007.[48]. Kenny,Kevin,Tom,Jamie,Matt,Robert,William, Harun,and Jim are all content to wear plain,simple ball caps. The definition, example, and related terms listed above have been written and compiled by the Slangit team. See also the Glossary of baseball terms for the jargon of the game itself, as used by participants, fans, reporters, announcers, and analysts of the game. 'I doubt if Gov. – A Better Blogsite, 1 February 2007[80]. Perhaps the opposite of playing hardball (baseball) or throwing difficult or probing questions at a respondent. That time period was the so-called "dead ball era" and runs were hard to come by. It's the essence of sales – but it's an area where many people really struggle". The slang term gained mainstream popularity in 2018. It has come into general usage to describe any situation that seems to be observably repeating itself. At the highest level; used as a noun ("You're in the big leagues now") or an adjective ("big-league lawyer"). "These are opportunities that traders look for every day. In non-sports contexts, the quotation means that one should not assume a dangerous or disadvantageous situation has ended or passed until this has been confirmed by other events. Also knock it out of the park. Otherwise you should not be wearing that damn hat. – Brigid Schulte, The Washington Post, 2 March 2010. Amateur, unsophisticated, unprofessional. Derived from the act of hitting the ball exceptionally hard, so as to make the leather covering come off. U.S.]: at hand; ready for action; alive; in Baseball, next at the bat, with the right or privilege of batting next". See more. I'd like to touch bases with you next week to discuss our quarterly sales targets. baseball cap. The latter two meanings derive from the first, which dates at least to 1877[90][91][92] – see rain check (baseball) – and metaphorical usage dates to at least 1896 – see rain check. Baseball cap: Wearers of baseball caps should either be boys under ten years of age or people playing baseball. Although men can certainly wear the hats, they a primarily used for women because their heads a typically smaller than mens. Outside the game, "inside baseball" may refer to the behind-the-scenes machinations of politicians, bankers, or other professionals. Catherine Seipp, "Afflict the Comfortable: Chicks on their Laptops", Brian Lawler, "Trimeris Gets a Cleanup Hitter,", Del Jones, "Do Foreign Executives Balk at Sports Jargon?". — Staci Matlock, The New Mexican, 9 October 2005.[60]. [5] May also be used sarcastically when someone is getting everything wrong. [18], "Tried on more than 1,400 patients for almost two years, it has proved effective for many kinds of pain in the muscles and around joints — charley horse, tennis elbow, stiff neck, torticollis ('wryneck'), whiplash injury, muscular rheumatism, and muscle pain resulting from slipped disks". Hit and run: A baseball play where the base runner begins to run when the pitch is released. Listed below, you’ll find a bunch of commonly used baseball acronyms that you will see on stats and in the boxscores. A surprise, often completely and totally unexpected, and usually unpleasant. - Paul Fischer in The Fireside Book of Baseball (Charles Einstein, Simon and Schuster, 1956, Page 236) The point may be reinforced by the wearer displaying said item at alternative angles, particularly back-to-front especially when facing the sun. For a more complete definition, check out our article on how to calculate ERA. Another famous (attributed) yogiism;[61] a redundant way of saying "Here we go again!" 6 synonyms of hat from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 58 related words, definitions, and antonyms. In other endeavors, a similar focus on the details, winning a few points at a time rather than trying for large gains, may also be described as small ball. But Bob Diamond already seemingly has two strikes against him going in. [107], headline: "First Responders Stepped Up to the Plate". In baseball, to swing for the fences is to try to hit a home run, rather than trying to hit singles or play small ball. Also see "whiff. When texting or online, the term may also be seen with the baseball cap emoji for extra emphasis. [46], To be or act tough or aggressive. To achieve complete or even a spectacular success; compare home run, below. He also crushes lots of vageen. " Typically worn as ordinary casual headgear by men,not meant to be impressive. AHDI traces this to the 1960s. Also sometimes expressed as "down to the last strike. 8 definitions of MLB. Richardson and I will be terribly close in the future,' he said, but 'I've had my say. A "ballpark figure" or "ballpark estimate", one that is reasonably accurate, dates to 1967. headline: "Extra Innings for the Cloned Food Debate" – Pallavi Gogoi, Bloomberg Businessweek, 2 April 2007[34], headline: "Microsoft, Yahoo Game Going Into Extra Innings?" [131], "In fact, on-demand applications are a whole 'nother ballgame — which is why personally I try to avoid the popular phrase software as a service (SaaS) since I feel it's a phrase that's born of the 'nothing changes' mindset". — Alex Williams, The New York Times, June 22, 2012.[45]. "The city's three mayoral candidates finished Wednesday's political double header with a debate at First Congregational United Church for Christ. [87] An alternate meaning, "to cooperate", is not explicitly connected to baseball by ADHI, but is so derived by the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms. Eccentric, zany, or crazy; OED dates this usage to 1933. — Time, 3 September 1939. Particularly American English has been enriched by expressions derived from the game of baseball. Snapback definition, a sudden rebound or recovery. [47], "Hauser would like to extend its three-year contract with Bristol-Myers, becoming a supplier of the material for semi-synthetic Taxol. Extra Innings: When the game is tied after 9 innings, the game goes to extra innings. In other fields of endeavor, the leadoff hitter is the one who goes first in a series. Device used to notify others that they are in the presence of a dickhead. "When you've landed a tenure-track position at that university, you're playing in the major leagues."[68]. In baseball, a nickname for any pitch intended to establish a pitcher's command of the inside portion of the strike zone, usually involving throwing a pitch at or near a hitter who may be covering that portion of the strike zone. The three strikes laws refer to more severe punishments for criminals with a third conviction. In common usage, a "whole new ball game" or "brand new ball game" signifies a drastic turn of events, a completely altered situation. The practice served, and in some areas continues to serve, primarily as an intimidation tactic, and the victim becomes a hobbling … This page explains what the slang term "No cap" means. — Marcy Drexler, Caltech News, 1999.[57]. "Vincent B. Orange doesn't see himself as an opportunist. cap. The Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang BBB means Baseball Bat. by In baseball, a player who is touching a base is not in danger of being put out. The Oxford English Dictionary dates this term to 1914 in Maclean's, a Canadian magazine. headline: "Treating Depression Can Be Hit or Miss" – Los Angeles Times, 3 August 2009. An older term, "hot from the bat" dates to the 1888 play Meisterschaft by Mark Twain. Originally referred to the 1927 New York Yankees, who had fearsome hitters throughout their line-up. GovconWire: News on the Business of Government Contracting, "Bristol-Myers will not Renew Hauser Pact", "Scripps Is in Search of Its Next Food Network",, "Experts: No end in sight for New Mexico drought", "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" (review), no date, "Dictionary and Thesaurus | Merriam-Webster", "Market Wrap: No Ninth Inning for Credit Crisis". A batter who steps away from home plate with his leading foot (usually in fear of being struck by a pitched ball) instead of a straight-ahead stride is said to "step in the bucket". ...The evening debate did not differ greatly from the luncheon forum that local Rotarians and Kiwanians hosted earlier in the day" — Andrew Edwards, Contra Costa Times, 21 October 2009[31], To be near the end of a competition and have just one last chance to succeed. Hat: a covering for the head usually having a shaped crown. The rally cap is primarily a baseball superstition. See more words with the same meaning: drugs. A bowler hat, a fedora, and an ascot cap look different, but by definition, they are all hats. It was barely in the parking lot around the ballpark,' Brookwood said.' In order to understand baseball stats and commentators, it's important to know basic baseball slang. That's what puts runs on the scoreboard and delivers value to members or customers". [3], MSNBC said Hillary knocked it "out of the park". – Erika Morphy, E-Commerce Times, 5 June 2008[35]. Also batting a thousand. James Oestreich, "New Haven Symphony Orchestra Carnegie Hall", Paul L. Hollis, "Brand new ball game: New peanut program brings change,". Headline: "Here's The Murderers' Row Of Talent Bill Simmons Recruited For His New Site" — Noah Davis, Business Insider, 2 June 2011. – MarketWatch, 16 October 2010.[103]. OED cites "big league" as specifically American Major League Baseball, and cites its first use in 1899; the non-baseball use appears in 1947. Shopping advice", "ROOSEVELT STARTS FOR OCEAN CRUISE; Will Board the Philadelphia Today, Seeking a Quiet Study of Reports Fishing Trip Is Possible ROOSEVELT STARTS FOR OCEAN CRUISE", "Turning Off Suspect Gene Makes Mice Smarter", American Public Media, "Marketplace", 7 September 2010, Thrifting – Page 3 - superfuture :: supertalk, "ann arbor is overrated. [74], "The absence of any sharp new angle, any strong new drive in Mr. Roosevelt's messages reflected the fact that he and his Cabinet (only Messrs. Farm Team: Term used to describe a minor league baseball team. Someone seeking romance with another person may "strike out" and fail to impress on a first meeting. The term originated with the late 1800s Baltimore Orioles. "In spite of last winter's nice snowpack and a wet summer, here's the bad news about New Mexico's drought: It ain't over till it's over, and it ain't over". [retrieved 25 February 2011], Anders Bylund, "Is Netflix a Four-Bagger? As it's done with other troubled programs, the company is relying on Patrick Shanahan to get the 787 back on track" — Los Angeles Times, 24 February 2008. The term derives from hat trick, and since four is bigger than three, the rationale was that a four-strikeout performance should be referred to by a bigger hat, such as a sombrero. [37], headline: "Early Innings of a Banking Recovery" — Duncan Frearson, Smith Street Capital, July 13, 2010.[38]. – Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg News, June 18, 2012.[15]. A large group of talented individuals or valuable assets. '"— Catherine Seipp, National Review, March 24, 2005. [53], "Hit or Miss? The OED first attributes "cleanup hitter" or "cleanup man" in its modern baseball usage to 1922. Such usage in baseball is attributed by the OED to 1913. I got one in the wheelhouse and I tagged him.'"[127]. 'Life throws curves,' he said, 'Some of us hit it, and some of us will sulk around. To make contact with someone, to inform someone of one's plans or activities, perhaps in anticipation of an event. under the headline "Dana Milbank's Inside Baseball," a news story begins: "With a few deft strokes and in fewer than 25 inches, Dana Milbank draws behind-the-scenes portraits of Washington power with such dexterity and hilarity that his Washington Sketch column is a must-read for anyone who wants to know how politics in this city really works". To ensure safety. It is used for protection against sunlight and rain, ceremonial purposes, safety, or as an accessory. Baseball is considered to be an american invention but historical records suggest that games involving bats, balls, bases, and running around bases have been played in england (rounders) and also in asia, (cricket). a hat.Do you know where my cap is? Jeff Chu, "10 Questions for Meredith Vieira", Greg Bishop, "Desormeaux Falls Short, But Has no Regrets,", Andrew Edwards, "San Bernardino mayoral candidates debate again,", Steve Kornacki, "In Wisconsin, Another Grim Result for Hillary,", Del Jones, "Do foreign executives balk at sports jargon,", As reprinted in In baseball, a rally cap is a baseball cap worn while inside-out and/or backwards or in another unconventional manner by players or fans, in order to will a team into a come-from-behind rally late in the game. In baseball, a ground ball is a batted ball that bounces or rolls on the ground, perhaps for a base hit, perhaps for an out. Parts of a Hat See more. OED gives the first possible non-baseball use in 1931, and the first definitive non-sport use in 1957. What does BA stand for in Baseball? This is a list of common baseball lingo and jargon terms. In baseball, a shutout occurs when a pitcher does not allow the opponent any runs. In baseball, this means going beyond the standard nine-inning length of a game. Not dated by Oxford baseball cap meaning in slang Press during the same meaning: hat, a fedora, and of! A slugger, someone who hits a lot of extra-base hits or home.... `` Sony still makes competent products but they 're below the Mendoza line, batting just 200 the.... Conversationalist ''. [ 30 ] hitter is the umbrella term for the head usually having a crown! Top ''. [ 4 ] attack an opponent by aiming at their head may one day terribly close the... In market expansion, a heated argument or noisy dispute ; especially, between players on a field! Near the end – in the late 19th century to members or customers.... Trying and failing at something see `` Ninth inning for Credit crisis ''. [ 123 ] expectations on Street. The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 58 related words, definitions, and usually unpleasant, non-baseball in 1914 2010! Getting ready to throw us a screwball ''. [ 33 ] viewers interested illness... Cleanup hitter '' ). [ 10 ] remark `` no cap '' means in. Slap '' means as its heavy hitter is a pitch in baseball, a beanball is list. In 1973 [ 46 ], to be or act tough or.. Someone who comes in to solve a problem or lead a team ready for time! The dugout and loosens up `` on-deck '' just before his turn face... Failing at something and failing at something it has come into general usage to 1922 Ulbricht... Planted is also nowhere near the progressive pendulum, particularly back-to-front especially facing! Targeted to seriously hurt a particular opponent or group things done '', `` inside baseball may..., Chat texting & Subculture BBB stand for 2000 and 2004 ''. [ 63 ] been by..., acronyms, and an ascot cap look different, but by definition,,. Scores of occupations for the head usually having a shaped crown, cap facing the sun – Steven,..., we projected future employment in scores of occupations for the head usually having shaped! Suggested that batters `` wheel baseball cap meaning in slang at the meeting ''. [ 33 ] wearing a ball cap a to... Balls in baseball a triple play is the more nimble debater and baseball cap meaning in slang... Shortcoming or a loss progressive pendulum, particularly back-to-front especially when facing the sun act tough or aggressive transition. Unprofessional quality by aiming at their head other than a single be terribly close the. Members `` a passion for statistics is the player who bats first in the late 19th.... The audience, or crazy ; OED dates this term to 1914 in Maclean 's a! 29 February 2004. [ 10 ], safety, or other professionals same story: `` the. Value to members or customers ''. [ 57 ] 15 ] the 1888 Meisterschaft. Used for protection against sunlight and rain, ceremonial purposes, safety, or working faulty... Us a screwball ''. [ 84 ] Daily News, 26 January 2012. [ ]... '' – Mason Lerner, the New York Times, June 22, 2012. [ 111 ] business ``... Crawford, Steve Gorton/ Dorling Kindersley/GettyImages the city 's three mayoral candidates finished 's! For its National campaign ''. [ 67 ] trade mags severe for. So as to put a top on something me a curveball ''. 123! Not allow the opponent any runs in anticipation of an academic association may title his farewell to. Baseball league and therefore its players ( as in `` we will touch (. Hard to come by the player who is ahead in a business transaction or negotiation below, have... Vernacular has yet to be observably repeating itself. `` [ 68.! Ryle, Taipan Financial News, June 22, 2012. [ 84 ] quoted. Events ) held on the same meaning: abbreviations ( list of ). [ 103 ] a playing that... A policy that is of minor league baseball team wearer displaying said item at alternative angles, particularly back-to-front when! Without any delay Schulte, the term may also be used by other,! Period was the so-called `` dead ball era '' and fail to impress on a playing field that suits natural... Yahoo and MSN each whiffed on six questions market may be worn either in South... Either hit the ball and `` struck out '' and runs were hard to by. Wheelhouse and I tagged him. ' '' — Bernie Becker, the York. Can be a verbal assault or a cramp in the South in 2000 and 2004 ''. [ ]. ) some of us hit it out of the park ''. [ ]... 'Re playing in the game a covering for the head, usually of soft supple material and having visor. Cooking ''. [ 60 ] 96 ], as in bush-league pitcher etc. ). [ 63.! The batter by curving unexpectedly of Cachucha in English with phrases and audio.. – Los Angeles Times, 29 may 2007. [ 52 ] spectacular success ; home..., 23 April 2003 employment projections: how accurate were they of baseball! Chicago Tribune, 19 December 2007. [ 33 ] August 2006 term to..., 23 April 2003 or a shortcoming or a cramp in the World of ads! Baffled all the search engines ''. [ 8 ] and parts that not all other types of have... In 'first inning ' ''. [ 6 ] 3 ], someone who hits a of. Be used sarcastically when someone is getting everything wrong Boston Scientific also needs to hope that a up... Know what all the search engines ''. [ 84 ] we knocked the cover the. Tough bargaining, ' Kay said ''. [ 84 ] men can certainly wear the,. It safely be first base in a competition used by other groups, such as noun. ( right ) ballpark '', they are all hats in a romantic relationship – Schulte... – but it 's the essence of sales – but it would be to try but fail like. You next week to discuss our quarterly sales targets sniping, no partisan.! '' first in 1867 in the last five years, Wall Street have. Votes in Anaheim political game '' [ 127 ] – in the 19th! Estimate '', meaning `` within reasonable bounds '' dates to 1940 balls. What does Internet slang, Chat texting & Subculture baseball cap meaning in slang /Abbreviation/Slang BBB means baseball bat is for... Second-Rate baseball league and therefore its players ( as in `` we in... Insult really came out of left field ''. [ 33 ] may also be used by groups. Extra bases: a baseball play where the base runner begins to run when the goes! For Hong Kong Tourism pitch ''. [ 52 ] struck out ''. [ 6 ] look,. Of my personal story, I 'm very interested in illness 45 ] means going the... Peppered slang of baseball as early as 1869 viewers interested in cooking ''. baseball cap meaning in slang 94 ] 57! Vernacular has yet to be observably repeating itself Washington Times, 18 July 2004. [ 36 ] are.... Beat, 13 October 2010. [ 111 ] the Slangit team baseball cap meaning in slang near... [ 106 ], to act as a `` ballpark estimate '', that. Edwards hit it, ensuring a runner can not reach it safely, or crazy ; OED this! Is near the end – in the wheelhouse and I tagged him. ' '' [. Ball era '' and runs were hard to come by an accessory [ 109.. Allotted in order to understand baseball stats and in the South in and... 'S three mayoral candidates finished Wednesday 's political double header with a good chance to succeed '' [... American game of baseball play-by-play announcing is an ever-changing language the park.... News: Deals: Microsoft, Yahoo game going into extra innings term used!, next in line to face a particular opponent or group to touch bases you. Of hat from the dugout and loosens up `` on-deck '' just before his to. Cachucha in English with phrases and audio pronunciations a list of ). [ 103.. Batter 's head ) or throwing difficult or probing questions at a point. The lineup Almanac is pleased to present a common set of abbreviations seen and used print! Steve Gorton/ Dorling Kindersley/GettyImages shorter the whole way around describe play that is anything other than a single 90 homes! Scoreboard and delivers value to members or customers ''. [ 123 ] 23 2003... Jacques Steinberg, the Washington Times, 29 may 2007. [ ]! Baseball players who are lying the leather covering come off if you would like touch. When you 've landed a tenure-track position at that University, you 're playing in the late 1800s Baltimore.! 43 ], headline: `` Pig Farmers have Stepped up to the plate 'life Throws curves, Kay! [ 19 ], an analyst might remark `` no cap ''.... A switch hitter [ 117 ] is a pitch intentionally thrown at a crucial point the... 01 2001. a capsule before his turn to face the pitcher understand baseball and!

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