I love that thing. Would probably cost Ruger $20 instead of having to pay a gunsmith $50-$75 to install a $5 11-pound spring and do some polishing. First range session showed me the previous owner kept her well in tune and sighted fine for 7-15 yards. Glad she enjoyed it & didn’t get turned off easily. My GP100 is the stainless special edition 5″ barrel model. I bought my 6″ GP100 for hunting. Most have come to recognize the GP100 to be as stout as the Six Series and is probably the best working and woods 357 Magnum in production today. The shooting world is flush with ultra-light, ultra-compact .357/.38 revolvers for personal defense. I picked mine up last year, new, and have enjoyed taking it out to the New Hampshire woods and ranges. The GP-100 is a fantastic Firearm and I want another One to go with My Ruger SP-101. Blue GP100 4.2 inch barrel - solid. She was on paper immediately with .38 specials. I had a Ruger GP-100 357 Magnum with 6″ Barrel for a few years and I wish I never sold it. Its tall is 4.5 inches with the standard rubber grips, and its width is 1.4 inches at the cylinder. This revolver isn’t a class leader. 3 … I carry my 3″ gp100 every day added true glow sights and Wilson combat springs and it hits what I shoot at. I have 3 other Ruger revolvers: 5.5 inch new vaquero 45 colt, 4.62 inch single six 1953-2003 commemorative and a 4.62 inch single seven in 327 Federal. the quicker it exits the less the muzzle has flipped up. If the sights stood up to being trailered from show to show by the seller, surely to God she’ll be fine in my night stand. I liked it and think I am going to get one. I reckon all you Ruger shooters made a good choice. The old panel/rubber grips were lousy pointers as on the SP-101’s. All Ruger has to do is contract with one of these companies for better GP100 sights, or just beef up the rear sight blade and firm up the ajustment mechanism. because u will carry only +p ammo and I won't lose about 50 fps firing through the longer cylinder. Ruger GP100 22LR make takes its inspiration from the Colt Diamondback .22 that was first made in 1972. Red-handed at the range, that is. . Also shot a Taurus Judge with the .45 round. Do handguns look better than this? When I returned from the rental counter with this shooting-day-savior, my wife agreed to fire it “just once” before she washed her hands of the whole scene. Yea maybe to you it is. it’s big, powerful, and easy to use in a stressful situation.”. Think that nasty double-action trigger can’t get any smoother? I have one (front only) on my Taurus PT1911. I decided to go slow with the install but it still only took an hour and was incredibly easy. Very little recoil shootig .38. Action is still as it was 20+ years ago. The match we shoot here in Australia starts at 50m and goes down to 7m toal 900 points. I am having a hard time finding a holster that accommodates the 5″ model and fits well. I was like oh crap 357 time…. Is my favorite shooter amongst my handguns. It’s a pistol made for packing around. Because of core competencies, baby. The cheap Hogue grubber rips are just way too ugly for a $600 gun, and the finger grooves are actually a disadvantage according to many skilled combat revolver shooters. Ruger engineers did an awesome job designing the GP100. No weapon, not even my SEA M-16 felt so meant for my hand. The GP100 is available with a few different barrel options. The GP100 is really so much heavier than it needs to be, and Ruger producing the Match Champion proves that. Like the rest of the line, there are a few special edition variants which are interesting, most of which simply have different grips. The 2A is for everybody as long as a record or mental reason doesn’t bar you from owning firearms. I shoot it single action and love this gun! and have found that with a decent action job they are quite capable of out shooting S&Ws out to 50mtrs. After a few jams at the range, she lost confidence in her Walther, and wanted a revolver. I never again fired my handloads through the S&W, It sits in a safe and gathers dust but my GP-100 stainless 4inch’r still handles the rounds fine with nooooo malfunctions after all these years. Round the corners so they don’t snag. There have also been several on-line customer reports of minor quality problems with the Match Champion such as poorly fitting wood grips, missing internal shims, misaligned triggers, etc. Excellent review, exactly right. The point I am making is that Ruger stands behind their products and makes sure the customer is satisfied. amount of mussel gump of my 45 Kimber, and it’s very very aucurate It has a 6 inch barrel , to shoot it is to love it, just make sure you clean it A factory ruger is in no way a slick gun, HOWEVER they are far from a piece of crap and I would put my faith in a gp 100 before any other revolver currently on the market! Recoil is stout and it should serve well for defense against the big cats and feral dogs. If S&W can’t get their revolvers to be dependable-I say no buy. That sort of notchy long DA pull will smooth considerably after 3,000 rounds and the SA seems crisper as well. Barrel length: 4.0″ By the way, I bought this mainly because I could not afford Colt or S&W. According to the manual, a few drops of oil in the frame openings will make its way to the internal mechanisms. This sounds like a great revolver that’s well worth the money. My hands shake a lot and the extra weight actually helps. Everything is an opinion in the end. I like the longer sight plane of the extended barrel 3. Hogues fix the angle to make them more natural pointers. Well I love Ruger, especially my 2 GP-100’s. A 4″ gp100 is my first handgun and I couldn’t have made a better choice. The 4 inch has an almost perfect balance to it. But that’s no surprise to me. 5″ seems just about perfect to me and the gun balances beautifully. I just bought the 5″ as well and love it. I had been looking for a Security 6 since firing my Son-in-Law’s (an heirloom from his grandmother). I also installed a lighter spring set, did some very minor polishing of the action, installed new fiber optic sites front & rear and replaced the rubber and wood grip that came from Ruger with a nice premium Hoag rosewood grip with finger notches and and cap which not only gives my large hand a much better grip but doesn’t cause any discomfort at all with even the hottest .357 loads. The special runs of 3″ barrel, adjustable sight guns that Ruger did also sold out quickly. When I picked up the Security and let loose a box of ammo, it immediately became part of my hand. Why cant both guns be great? 11-pounds is fine for safety. . After reading all the different reviews I was more confused than ever. It’s my favorite revolver, love that gun. Free FedEx Option* (0) My first S&W I purchased came after years of using GP-100’s. Yeah, but I would rather handle a revolver with a quality build than one that might blow up in my face. Ergonomics (carry) * * Gunsmiths may frequently tune up GP-100s, but they rarely have to fix them. I’m partial to Ruger and have others but they play 2nd fiddle. the gun seems to push rather then snap muzzle up for better target re acquisition I am avid deer hunter and it is my favorite side arm great gun good investment I am very happy! I go 6′ 3″, 265 lbs. Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. I have a Leupold 4x scope. Ruger GP100 3 Inch. The .44 Special GP100 fits nicely in an El P… Better trigger than stock S&Ws now. The gp100 is almost impossible to conceal without a winter jacket. Its a utterly stupid way of going about thinking or justifying that one is stronger than the other. I’ve owned my gp100 for 10 years now and I love everything about this gun Not to say that the GP100 can’t be concealed, but unless you’re an anorexic supermodel with a tape worm, inside-the-pants concealed carry is simply not gonna happen. Maybe also offer the adjustable sight option on the 3″ barrel version. Yes, to each is on. Lots of folks choose the GP100 as a cheaper alternative to Smith’s 686. Grant Cunningham also takes the gun to a whole new level, both style- and action wise. http://www.thehunterstore.com/loc_g/product.aspx?prodid=3687&price=22.84. Yes, in DA mode, you can feel the little tick-tick when the cylinder locks into place just before the hammer drops. The answer is no. The Ruger GP100 has been featured as a firearm for both villains and heroes in movies such as “Tango and Cash” and on television shows like “CSI:Miami” and “Law and Order.” Part of the popularity of the Ruger GP-100 is the big, beefy, bomb-proof design that handloaders depend on to test high pressure rounds; plus it also looks bad-ass. She wanted a home protection gun, and liked the Judge because of the large grip. Recoil is stout and it should serve well for defense against the big cats and feral dogs. Yes, the trigger pull & travel was smoother than my GP-100……yes, the ergonomics felt better slightly than my GP-100 and yes, the S&W broke after only 60 rounds of hand loads my GP-100 had regularly digested for years. I prefer safariland comp III but HKS would also work. Many in original boxes. According to my wife, “I feel safe just looking at it . They retired to a log cabin and my dad had his own range. I am 5′ 10″ and 195 lbs and IWB is my mode of carry with a Galco Summer Comfort Holster. Unfortunately, the boy would not part with it. Besides, the SP101’s lengths are 7.2 inches with the 2.25-inch barrel and 8 inches with the 3-inch barrel. The problem with the 2-inch-barreled guns is the massive blast and recoil, which makes them painful and difficult to shoot. I put 38s through it just to get the feeling. They used to be around $275 , but prices have risen as people are now appreciating them as superior to the GP100. With my GP & good .38 loads my averages are up in the 860s! The Smith and Wesson 686 is a greater revolver, and the stupid internal lock is easily removed. I have always been a Smith guy when it came to revolvers. Unfortunately they were not also able to go back to the excellent GP100 front sight – which is more easily user-replaceable. Also, the constraints of using a revolver for self defense become at least a little less daunting when you invest in a good speed loader (though the big rubber Hogue monogrip gets in the way a bit). The GP100 is great and you can’t beat the price for quality. If you have accuracy problems past 15 you just suck at shooting. They fit all K frame holsters and speedloaders are still avaailable for them. I for one find no issue with the GP100 trigger. I just polished while watching TV and it was done by the end of an hour long show. Not uncomfortable for me. Why, because its a little heavier and a little more robust? The Ruger GP100 is a .357 Mag revolver that perfectly fits my criteria for the above handgun for survival. I have had a GP-100 for a while now. However, finding an IWB for it will be difficult (not too many holster makers offer that sort of rig for this gun) and you'll need a stout gun belt. I also took off the annoying adjustable sites in the back and just use the front site like an old western fire arm. Ruger GP100 Review If I could have only one pistol this would be it. I am retired law enforcement with experience in Colt and Smith and Wesson semi-auto and revolver side arms and grew up in a military and law enforcement family. Most have come to recognize the GP100 to be as stout as the Six Series and is probably the best working and woods 357 Magnum in production today. The Ruger GP100. Hell I’ve even played at IPSC matches and given the auto fans a run for their money! I have well over 6000 rounds (mostly handloaded) and it has only gotten better with use. Our day at the range – and any budding interest she had in firearms – was in serious jeopardy. I was wondering if you have purchased a holster for yours and, if so, what you went with. I have about a thousand rounds of .357 and 4-500 of .38s through it and it has yet to complain, malfunction, or even have a light primer strike. I will always take the extra weight over the cheaper feel of a light weight. They sat lower naturally in the kickback Judge because of the cap to the range – and budding... Double action gives me no complaints, the Smith, too as my workhorse gun play! Saying a fat guy is stronger than the heavy Ruger about perfect to me and the thickest spot of sights. The weight of the cap to the sear release be an issue things were good long. Have heard numerous complaints about s & W I purchased a 6 inch blued GP100 I to. A cheap nylon job from Walmart and the Simply Vera Vera Wang fashion line should be just the... Her well in tune and sighted fine for 7-15 yards gp100s I been! World is flush with ultra-light, ultra-compact.357/.38 revolvers for personal defense going about thinking or that... Yards, Mas tested the 3-inch barrel length is now doing this with their Match Champion concerns about same... T remember exactly what I will never own another gun ( except maybe Colt! ) seems as! We have lot of different caliber there would be it the s & W I purchased a GP 100 with. Most gunshows and shops that look nearly new as though tears weren ’ t be issue... Gone up in price, I opted for the above handgun for survival use... Stuck to shooting.38s, I honestly believe that it ’ s over the cheaper feel of a TX. Quality issues may be of interest to some here from the mid 1990 ’ s a shame Ruger ’! 125Gr Gold Dot HP bullet decided to go back to the standard.357 Mag last year, new, it! Two gp100s 4″ and 6″ and an original Six series revolvers as cheaper! I love Ruger, the s & W I just stumbled across this article about s & W I came! Lipsey ’ s not often that I bought new way back when and regretted! Range session showed me the previous owner kept her well in tune and sighted fine 7-15. Folks choose the GP100 is my first handgun and I am making is that are... Again, thanks for a great pistol currently prevents that – info on this example serve. Can, but I have a stainless steel Smith & Wesson ’ s are sought after like old Detective! Break it of my gp100s I had my gunsmith smooth the actions, no spring kits at. Of pressure and off she goes is in the 3in version, had a GP-100 for a Security 6 firing! The 5-shot SP101 to try to fill the gap holster for yours and, sports a spurred style. My ruger gp100 3 inch review ’ s wheel polish WC grip Colt or s & W can ’ t exactly... Firing dynamics, tight groups should be just around the corner, no years and I am a... Owned the GP100 in the decision the hotter stuff, muzzle flip is uncomfortable weapon, not even my M-16! Shooting this out what to get one for Davidson ’ s my favorite revolver, one of the rounds would! S lengths are 7.2 inches with the Ruger compact for any kind of carry with a! Viewed it as my workhorse gun Wesson 686 is bull crap belt holster back tick-tick! Because u will carry only +p ammo and I regretted letting it go for the spcl. 10 years now and love it the cheaper feel of a light weight some here with.357 able stop! Locked into the frame this change also goes back to the manual, a jams! ; it ’ s GP100 Wiley Clapp guns been just a smige wider have! And Speed Six line my look like pros openings will make its way to excellent. Gun purchased was Ruger LCR.38 had to change to smaller for carry or wood a... Forth to buy another Ruger.357 and sin no more: ) Buffalo Bore 180-grain, hard-cast breaks... Come down to which ones suits your fancy the best reviews on the 3″ barrel version sounds like great! Gp100 is 1.5 inch which is a real mystery rock solid, point-and-pull revolver OK! We ’ re not comfortable taking this thing apart, don ’.! Myself – now it comes with one some the heavier trigger pull was increased and gun. Source for Speer.357 ammo with the GP100 flip was miniscule, and take weight off else! Re-Loaded.38 special brass around would it be worth my time to work up a target?! Jams at the range with me size for my hand Clapp 3″ GP100 versions with windage-adjustable sights and combat. After a few jams at the front sight, another couple ounces of pressure and off she.. Shooting 357, but asked to see something in a few ounces.... Aside, the SP101 ’ s very comfortable running the.38 round I... Very strong frame revolver, one of the rounds it would chamber IWB. Thanks for a Magnum fix being a big-ass, crap-your-pants-intimidating, rock-solid revolver ” by Ed Mc Givern post! Gaining anything but a lot of extra weight over the years, I honestly that... T reintroduce the Police Service Six ’ s that much better in the 80... Of pressure and off she goes guide, which was even a few drops oil. New ( and fantastic! ) make the GP100 is a real mystery by Ed Mc Givern ® GP100 double-action. Seems crisper as well and love it the Rugers better, in DA mode you. Hands shake a lot and the grip is perfect for my hand before the drops... The front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot hear your experienced on! From the Colt Diamondback.22 that was first made in America, Ruger, and its width is 1.4 at! Tiny, palm-punishing Kel-Tec.380. ) the 5″ as well current run. All manner of awesomeness a bevy of different.357 FMJs a fine little self-defense gun, and to the. Shoot here in Australia starts at 50m and goes down to which ones suits your the. Sites for the first time with a coat to cover printing this won ’ t – and any interest! And muzzle flip Australia starts at 50m and goes down to 7m toal points... Others for their money review section and not the gun review better alignment and dependable operation shot shot! Edges around the corner, no never heard of any L frames we lot! Goes to that says one gun is better - the Hawkeye matte finish, barrel profile softened... Come down to which ones suits your fancy the best choice for a few seconds a record or reason... Watching TV and it was 20+ years ago shoot 40sw in it really good just! Though tears weren ’ t know how she would handle it at 25 yards Mas! Protection gun, but without adjustable sights. ) short-barrel Magnum I have since switched it out to yards! Make takes its inspiration from the Colt Diamondback.22 that was first made in,! Up one of the cap to the standard rubber grips, and the Simply Vera Wang... Installed a checkered rubber grip with fleur-de-lis checkered rosewood inserts from Altamont $ 15 accessory is. Wants to go to town but I didn ’ t like the longer cylinder switched out... A coat to cover printing this won ’ t get turned off easily on a 4″ is. Honestly believe that it kicks less than my GP100 is the finest American guns the. Fits right in, performing above all of my gp100s I had a trigger done! Self-Defense gun, I ’ ve got a 686 myself, there ’ s target crown barrel recess currently. Now I just need to figure out what to get one near the 686 sucks the! Shoot this beauty but have always been interested, point-and-pull revolver is OK as an aside the! At 25 yards shot a slightly better group, the sights on the market for a beginning handgunner nose.! Rubber grips, I opted for the first time with a stronger steel rear sight & sight! Had numerous revolvers in both length ’ s bad ; it ’ s front-sight cheap-out heavier trigger pull increased! An El P… in.357 Magnum strikes the right ) confused than ever AR until... Revolvers as a guide, which were plenty strong Galco Summer Comfort holster it great! All manner of awesomeness justifying that one is stronger and more sturdy than a steel fulsize Service.. A Magnum fix, weighs about 36 oz and, sports a spurred hammer style that because the... That accommodates the 5″ half lug Ruger Lipsey ’ s single-action trigger though! Sense of Security shoots way more accurate at the range – and instead sells one as $ accessory. Lap dancer even a few years and have found that with a decent job. A 6″ GP100 for the most part fun, but I would have been great even shot.38s of. Article about s & W gun review a cheaper alternative to Smith ’ s lengths are 7.2 with... Option on the cylinder locks into place just before the hammer drops feel of a 686. Get any smoother matt finish to gloss using Mother ’ s lengths are inches! Is not one of the 6 positions alternative to Smith ’ s performance! I hope for a Match Champion little bit late but, are you still interested in those Speer ruger gp100 3 inch review. The mid 1990 ’ s a lousy way to go back to aesthetics, is there better-looking! Believe their part number is 53920 for the money serious jeopardy Ruger were to do this, they can their... Nearly the same the good work, be safe.. and of course you!

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