Need your order in time for Christmas? Wych Elm (Ulmus glabra) We're surrounded by English elms (Ulmus procera) in the hedgerows hereabouts as - fortunately - they sucker so freely and lay relatively well. This deciduous tree is extremely resistant to Dutch elm disease. PLUS, tests also include our exclusive nutrition and metals toxicity test.Get the full-body analysis you’ve been looking for. Shop for ulmus glabra art from the world's greatest living artists. Ulmus glabra ‘Lutescens’ has a beautiful shape that evolves as it matures. All ulmus glabra artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Horizontal Elm. Hardy to Zone 5. It was released for sale to the public in 1989. The Wych Elm cultivar Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii', commonly known as the Camperdown Elm, was discovered about 1835–1840 (often mis-stated as '1640') as a young contorted elm (a sport) growing in the forest at Camperdown House, in Dundee, Scotland, by the Earl of Camperdown's head forester, David Taylor. • Picea engelmannii 'Compact' (dwarf Engelmann spruce) has blue-green needles. Family: Ulmaceae. General: Sales: Foliage: Grown for foliage. Hardy to Zone 3. Up to 8 metres tall. Scientific name: Ulmus glabra. Camperdown Elm. Golden Elm – Ulmus glabra Lutescens An outstanding tree with golden green foliage the Golden Elm makes a good shade tree for larger gardens and is also widely used in parks and for street plantings. It has no significant negative characteristics. Ulmus Columella is also referred to as the Columella Elm or the Resistant Elm. All Rights Reserved. It has golden foliage and provides good shade for those summer days. Fleming's Nurseries Pty Ltd. P.O.Box 1 Monbulk Victoria 3793 Australia . Full List of Deciduous Trees. Phone: (03) 9756 6105 Fax: (03) 9752 0005. Girth. Currency: USD ($) Description; Application; Care; Attributes; Wide weeping Elm tree. Evergreen • Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Nana Aurea' (Hinoki cypress) has golden green foliage. Wych Elm, Ulmus glabra, is a hardy native Elm that can be used as a hedge plant on fertile, damp soils, although it isn't suitable for waterlogged sites. Unlike the clonal English Elm, Wych Elm reproduces mostly by seed rather than suckers, so has a good range of genetic diversity and greater resistant to Dutch elm disease. In maturity it forms an attractive rounded canopy with fresh green leaves. Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens' is currently not available. Ulmus glabra. Subscribed . During the spring months, Ulmus Columella produces dense clusters of light green flowers. We've shipped over 1 million items worldwide for our 500,000+ artists. Subscribe Subscribe. Its long pendulous branches that will reach the groundare covered with glossy dark green leaves. Choose your favorite ulmus glabra designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! Each purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hardy to Zone 4. Comments. Sale% % SALE % aktueller Newsletter Fundgrube Marions Pflanzentipps Blütenticker. Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens' Golden Elm. Choose your favorite ulmus glabra designs and purchase them as wall art, home decor, phone cases, tote bags, and more! It is very adaptable to both dry and moist locations, and should do just fine under average home landscape conditions. Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii’ Weeping Elm or Wych elm is a popular small weeping tree suitable for inner city gardens. Ulmus New Horizon is a medium to large tree which is completely resistant to Dutch Elm Disease (DED). There are 30 to 40 species of deciduous trees within the genus, some of which have been important landscape trees for centuries. Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii' Common name: Camperdown Scotch Elm. Camperdown Elm (u. Glabra 'camperdownii') Print, Ulmus Suberosa Var. But over the last 30 years that ‘New Horizon’ has been in development, it has grown satisfactorily across Europe and demonstrated its resistance to the devastating disease. The serrated pointy leaves turn yellow in fall. Send Message. Its shedding bark creates a multicolored trunk. Not subscribed. Ulmus Glabra, more commonly known as Wych Elm, is a large, deciduous tree appreciated for its lush foliage and interesting seeds in the autumn. Its impressive size and attractive appearance make it a good choice for large gardens, especially as a specimen, shade, or lawn tree. Handsome weeping tree with sturdy drooping branches that often reach the ground. A medium-sized deciduous tree which has a vase shape when young, but develops into a tree with a more rounded canopy as it matures. Glabra Common Elm Var Print, Illustration Showing Shape Of Ulmus Glabra (wych Elm) Tree With Green Summer Foliage And Bare Winter Branches Print. All ulmus glabra artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Copyright © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii’ (Camperdown elm) produces wildly contorted stems that eventually straighten out and become strongly pendulous. Camperdown Elm has dark green foliage throughout the season. This is a selected variety of a species not originally from North America. Ulmus glabra, commonly called Scotch elm or Wych elm, is a large, wide-spreading, deciduous tree that typically grows to 70-100’ with a broad-rounded crown. Wych Elm can grow to 100ft (30m) and flourishes on hillsides and near the sea and also in polluted atmospheres. 20 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Although it has a short trunk it can reach 12m in height with a similar spread so to appreciate its natural shape you do need a little room. CAD ($) ©2020 Connon Nurseries. Its strikingly bold and coarse texture can be very effective in a balanced landscape composition. Elm trees are members of the Ulmus genus in the Ulmaceae family of plants. Current Stock Height: 200/220 cm ? Origin: native. Buy ulmus glabra framed prints from our community of independent artists and iconic brands. Spread: 30 feet. aka Horizontal Elm. JPY (¥) Includes Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens' - Golden Elm, Ulmus minor 'Variegata' - Silver Elm, Ulmus parvifolia 'Emer I' Athena, Ulmus parvifolia 'Emer II' Allee®, Ulmus parvifolia 'Todd', Ulmus procera - English Elm. Look out for: the asymmetric leaf bases which are a feature of all elms. It starts off vase-like and then gradually spreads to create a rounded canopy. Camperdown Elm foliage (Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder) Height: 20 feet. Each museum-quality ulmus glabra framed print may be customized with hundreds of different frame and mat options. Fresh green leaves with 'toothed' edges. Ask a question. The bark is smooth and grey when young, becoming grey-brown and fissured after 20 years. Height 25-30ft, width 30ft. Sun Exposure: Sun to Partial Shade. Please view our other Ulmus. Receive all the latest news, product information, collections, projects, tips and special offers straight to your inbox each month or so. AUD ($) Ulmus Horizontalis H/W 2m ? The leaves of Camperdown elm are usually much larger than what is typical for the species and overlap, such that they form a wall of coarse foliage that effectively obscures the trunk and internal branching from outside. Subscribed. T: 03 5678 8777 "Propagation and Production of Native and Exotic Trees with Natural Root Systems from 2 to 2,000 lts." Ulmus glabra Camperdownii, known as the Camperdown Elm, originated near Dundee in the 1850s and is related to the Wych Elm. We're here to help if you need any advice on selecting the perfect tree for your next project. This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and is best pruned in late winter once the threat of extreme cold has passed. USD ($). Connect. Family: Ulmaceae (ulm-AY-see-ee) Genus: Ulmus (ULM-us) Species: glabra (GLAY-bruh) Cultivar: Camperdownii: 6 members have or want this plant for trade. Peonies; Lilac … Up to 2 metres tall. The putative Wych Elm cultivar Ulmus glabra 'Latifolia' was identified in Audibert's Tonelle (1817) as U. campestris Linn. Sunlight: Hardiness Zone: 5a. Shop for ulmus glabra art from the world's greatest living artists. But leave them to grow to 20 feet and they succumb to Dutch Elm disease. 4,99€ 3,59€ 33%. Ulmus 'Camperdownii' – Camperdown elm. When it is clipped as a hedge, it will not attract Elm Bark Beetles. Up to 2 metres tall. EUR (€) Popular Deciduous Trees. It is not particular as to soil type or pH, and is able to handle environmental salt. latifolia. The leaves continue to look fresh even in drought conditions. Ulmus glabra Pendula 2m. QTY: CLICK TO ENLARGE. Ulmus glabra, the wych elm, Scotch elm or Scots elm, has the widest range of the European elm species, from Ireland eastwards to the Urals, and from the Arctic Circle south to the mountains of the Peloponnese in Greece; it is also found in Iran. A very unusual large accent tree with an umbrella-like habit of growth; very low canopy and dense large green leaves cast a deep shade beneath; certainly not for every location, requires a great deal of room to spread; for specimen use only. It is highly tolerant of urban pollution and will even thrive in inner city environments. • Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii' (Camperdown elm) has a domed crown with tiny red flowers in spring. This tree should only be grown in full sunlight. This fast-growing elm is wide spreading, becoming wider than it is tall with age. [ = U. glabra Huds.] Description: A very unusual large accent tree with an umbrella-like habit of growth; very low canopy … Wych Elm will reach 30 metres if it grows freely as a … Is grafted onto U. glabra, usually at a height of between 2 and 2.5 m. The trunk of the young tre… Read more It is also great as a lawn specimen in parks and gardens where there is adequate space for full development. $129.99. It was once widely planted in the U.S. as a shade tree for large lawns and parks, but is no longer used because of susceptibility to Dutch elm disease. Mob:0427 510 86. Camperdown Elm (Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder) Camperdown Elm foliage. The Test: Our Advanced Test offers a diagnosis of 800 food and non-food items in one easy to understand report.Plus, you will receive a comprehensive guide helping you eliminate possible intolerances from your diet. Ulmus glabra camperdownii Camperdown Elm 20G Landscape Pot. View gallery. Camperdown Elm is a dense deciduous tree with a rounded form and gracefully weeping branches. ‘New Horizon’ has Ulmus japonica and Ulmus pumila in its parentage, so it isn’t native to the British Isles like Ulmus glabra, the species that was devastated by Dutch Elm Disease in the 1960s. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 1 foot from the ground, and is suitable for planting under power lines. A large, deciduous tree, it is essentially a montane species, growing at elevations up to 1500 m, preferring sites with moist soils and high humidity. Our ulmus glabra framed art prints ship within 48 hours, arrive ready-to-hang, and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. View this plant in a garden. Ulmus glabra. Trees can grow to a height of 30m. Other Names: Wych Elm. Sizes Available Price per plant for quantity 5-9 Price per plant for quantity 10-99 Price per plant for quantity 100-249 Price per plant for quantity 250 + Available for sale from the following nurseries. GBP (£) It is native from Great Britain to Siberia. Elms typically have oval, serrated-edges leaves arranged alternately on the branches. It needs a similar space to grow as Tilia cordata. Water Requirements: Unknown - Tell us. Deciduous. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals, discount codes, and more. Newsletter. It is a Dutch cultivar that was created in 1967 by the Dorschkamp Research Institute in Wageningen. Wych Elm is a native elm tree mainly found in north and west Britain. Twigs are dark grey and covered in coarse hairs, and leaf buds are hairy, purple-black and squat in shape. Category: Trees. Forms a closed crown. A unique tree with a rigid, horizontal branch structure that makes it ideal as a stand alone specimen or as the perfect shade tree with plenty of head room beneath. Camperdown Elm is recommended for the following landscape applications; Camperdown Elm will grow to be about 20 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 30 feet. RIVETTS NURSERY and Coӧrdinated Plant Supplies. Ulmus glabra 'Lutescens' Golden Elm. Ulmus glabra 'Camperdown' Add To My Plant List . In a sunny position, this deciduous elm tree produces vivid yellow leaves, whilst if it is in shade their colour leans towards lime green. Check out our Holiday Shipping Deadlines. Neither the flowers nor the fruit are ornamentally significant. It grows at a fast rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 70 years or more.